Stage I & II Testing

Gasoline Dispensing Facilities


Gasoline belongs to a category of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are the main precursor of ozone formation. As part of a strategy to reduce ground level ozone, Stage I & II  permits may be necessary in your area.


Wholesale, retail, and commercial distribution points for gasoline are required to have Stage I and systems to reduce VOC’s released into the surrounding environment by 95%.


When a tanker truck delivers gasoline to a station, the new fuel entering the underground tank forces accumulated gasoline vapors out of the tank into the air. With a properly-functioning Stage I vapor recovery system, these vapors are returned to the tanker truck through a vapor recovery line, instead of into the air.


Stage II vapor recovery systems recover vapors that would escape while refueling a vehicle at the pump. Specially-designed nozzles and hoses prevent the escape of vapors as gasoline is pumped into the vehicle by returning vapors to the underground storage tank or an incinerator.


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