Facility Compliance Testing

facility1Southern Environmental Services (SES) offers Underground Storage Tank (UST) Compliance Testing which includes all required release detection testing procedures.

A failure to comply with local, state and federal requirements related to detection testing may result in written violations and monetary fines.


Because testing frequency and fuel requirements are often site specific, SES evaluates each site specifically to determine minimum test requirements and provides a cost estimate for any necessary testing free of charge.


To ensure ongoing compliance, SES clients are enrolled in a “UST Compliance Program” that is specific to the unique needs of the station. The site is notified prior to the next required testing period to ensure that the next testing cycle is conducted on-time. Clients who participate in the UST Compliance Program and are under contract with SES are guaranteed timely service. This means that if the site is not tested on or before the next scheduled due date, the testing service for that cycle is provided at no cost. 




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