Tank Tightness Testing


Tank Tightness Testing is required in the event of a failed or non-conclusive Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) report, Electronic Tank Gage(Veeder Root), sudden loss of product or water intrusion as mandated by local, state or federal regulations, as required by the owner’s insurance company.


SES uses the EZY 3 Locator Tank Testing System.   The tank can be tested empty or at any level within the tank, as long as the water depth in the tank farm area can be determined. 


The EZY 3 Locator Plus consists of a Microphone placed in the ullage of the underground tank. The Microphone is connected to our Acoustic Signal Processor and to a head set enabling the test operator to listen to the acoustic sounds in the tank.


Using our Motor/Blower Assembly a slight negative pressure is applied to the tank system, air and/or water will be drawn into the tank if a leak exists.

These acoustic signals are recognized by a certified testing operator and characterized as an ullage portion leak/hiss sound or product portion leak/bubble sound. If ground water is above the tank bottom, our Conductive Water Sensor shall be used.  More info here.


If a leak in the tank is determined, SES has the immediate ability to begin a Helium Test on the tank to determine the location of the leak, in order to determine a corrective action for repair or replacement.



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