Line Tightness Testing


Line Tightness Testing is required annually for all single-wall, pressurized, underground product lines that are not equipped with SIR or an electronic line leak detector capable of conducting a monthly .2GPH test. Suction systems with a check valve located at the tank require line tightness testing once every three years.


SES uses the PETRO TITE  Precision Line Tester  

The PETRO TITE® Line Tester is the standard for testing underground petroleum lines from the tank to the dispensing outlets.


The PETRO TITE® Line Tester is a fully hydraulic, self-contained system, which can be used independently for testing underground lines, or in conjunction with the PETRO TITE® Tank Tester as an overall, accurate, reliable test method for tanks and line distribution systems.

 Requirements for Line Tightness Testing:

  • Minimum of 30 minute period between dispensing and testing.
  • Minimum 30 minute test.
  • Test conducted at 150% normal operating pressure.
  • Typical down-time for test: 1 hour.


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